im modding my crybaby wah and im not sure which things on the input and output jacks are hots or grounds. anybody know?


heres kinda what it looks like

theres 6 pole things(dont know the correct name) on the bottom

im just guessing that the farthest one from where you stick the jack in is the hot and the other 2 are grounds but i just want to make sure...
closest to the hole is sleeve. middle is ring. farthest from the hole is tip.

tip is hot. sleeve is ground. ring is another hot for stereo cables. in this case it is used as a switch to activate the battery when a mono cable is plugged into the input jack, saving battery life by disconnecting it with no mono cable in the input jack.

the long parts (facing the camera in the pic) that touch the plug when it is inserted are the actual contacts. the other 3 act like SPST switches that open when a cable is plugged in. they usually arent used in effects. actually, the tip switch contact is usually grounded to ground the input of the effect with no cable plugged in.
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you could have found this out yourself if you tried hard enough.

okay thanks, and im not exactly well informed when it comes to electronics. i wouldnt have thought about that activating the battery. im gonna go spend the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to wire it now.