i own a marshall jcm900 and while i absolutely love this amp, it is only the single channel model (2100). The stuff i play for my band requires me to play clean and distortion and i really don't like hauling around a bunch of pedals. a guy locally put a mesa f-50 up on craigslist for trade and is interested in trading for my amp, but i'm trying to get everybody's opinion on these amps. i've played through some dual recs (2 channel versions) and some tremoverbs. whats your opinion on these vs the marshall. thanks!
F-50 is basically a warm bassy clean tone (similar to the JCM900, although the JCM900 does have some of the best cleans that marshall has to offer), and a warm bassy (quite muddy) OD channel.

Its not as aggressive and thick as a rectifier sound, and not quite as smooth and tight as a mark series amp, its quite similar to the chunky, bassy OD on the old Mark I, and SOM Mesa amps.

Its certainly WORTH more than your jcm900, so its a good a trade, but i d give it a listen first. I hated it for what i want to play, but then again i also hated every rectifier i ve ever played, i cant imagine dishing out thousands of dollars for THAT shitty sound
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Is your 900 the SL-X? I'd keep that over the F-50, but if it's one of the other 900s (Dual Reverb) then I'd do the trade.
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F-Series has superb cleans, people say comparable to Fender Twin's. But I've found my F-100 to be lovely clean, very versatile.

The crunch is quite warm, less edgy than the British Marshall sound... but very pleasant.
High gain is quite Mesa'ish, not as aggressive as a Rec.

F-Series can do basically anything, and it's very easy to get it to do what you want, for example works well with the volume knob on your geetar.
It's a more unique and natural sound than a recco, I hate the generic over-done sound from the rec's.

I'd say try and have a play with one, but personally... I'd have an F-Series over a JCM anyday. I'm really sad to see mine go
i tried out a F-30 3 days ago. it was very bassy. the cleans were quite good and the OD channel was alright until the gain got past 12 o'clock where it turned to muddy garbage. i though it was pretty average sounding, not sure what the 50w will be like but im assumon it will be pretty similar soundwise
The F-50 is a far better amp than thw JCM900 in every appreciable way (build quality, components, tone, versatility), but it doesn't mean you'll like the Boogie overdrive sound.

I suggest asking the seller if you can go round with your JCM and try out the Boogie, so you can both inspect the amps before making a commitment.
mine is one of the 900s that was made only the first 2 years. its not an SLX or a dual reverb. I play rock with lots of delay sounds. I was originally gonna sell my marshall to fund an orange ad30, but didn't have any buyers.

I'm gonna meet up the guy next week so i can test his out first. I'm a little worried about the overdrive. I like really crisp sounding amps and everybody has said the overdrive is muddy on the mesa. but i'm also looking forward to having a 2 channel amp again.