Hey im gonna buy a Jet City JCA20 Head soon and thought about buying a matching 2*12 cabinet with eminence speakers . its like 480$ new .
But i have been offered a used Marshall 1936 2*12 cabinet with Vintage 30s for 350$ .
Which one should i buy ?
Which one sounds better with JCA20H?
I'd go for the Marshall.
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People say that 112 cab with a v30 is overly pushy with a jca20, but i dunno about 212 or even 412, so you might want to take your amp to the nearest shop and try something with a v30 and compare.
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The 1936 Marshall cabs are very sought after and from what I've heard, are great cabs. The Jet City cabs are pretty good considering the price and the overall very good construction, but 350 bucks for that Marshall, considering it has V30s in it, is one hell of a bargain. To put things in perspective, buying JUST the speakers in that 1936 cab new would be 300 bucks. Honestly, I'd go for the Marshall. Better overall cab, cheaper too.
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Out of those, the Marshall, definitely. Just make sure it really does have V30s in it, cause those cabs came stock with G12T-75s.
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