Hey guys, I'm seriously considering this little amp as a step up from my VT15, as I plan to start getting some sort of band going (I realise it seems small [4watts] but venues around here are all miked, always). Budget of about 5-600 Australian big'uns.

Few questions:

-Bands I mainly play in the style of are Feeder, Blink-182, Muse, Porcupine Tree and assorted other alt rock acts (most of my stuff that I've written is comparably heavy with Feeders stuff). From what I've heard on the tube the AC4 will do these sort of tones nicely, and I can boost if needs be. Anyone confirm this?

- Does it take pedals (particularly Fuzz factory and wah) well?

- Should I go with the Head version and a 2x12 cab, or stick with the matching cab, or get the combo? Weight isn't an issue here.

- Does anyone have any experience with it (from owning it really)?

Finally, any suggestions for this price range as well? Gear is in sig. Live in Perth, ridiculously stagnant used market

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Takes pedals very well, almost no head room so forget gigging with a clean tone unless you change the tubes and have a good mic setup, get the head and ATLEAST a 1x12, I would suggest a 2x12. Just avoid the 10" speaker, thats what I have and I don't like it.

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Yeah, i dont do clean very much, and even when I do i like a little bit of breakup anyway. Sounds really promising. Just out of curiosity, how do palm muted power chords sound on it (some pretty heavy muting in a few songs i wrote)
Bump now that more Americans are awake. By the palm mutes, the most gain I've ever needed for them is the Boutique OD (dumble OD special) model on my VT15, but I could get by with AC30 gain. Does the AC4 have enough gain to do that?
Generally small amps with small speakers aren't that good in the bass (palm muting) department. But you won't really know until you play one.

If the AC isn't enough on it's own, you could get a compressor or an EQ or an OD to remedy that.

You'll need a bunch of pedals anyway to play like the bands you listed. Particularly Muse and PT.
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Yeah, I'm acquiring pedals slowly. I have a fuzz factory and I'm saving up for a delay of some sort. Would an EQ pedal be benificial here then? I'm not sure on how the tone control works on the AC4 (amp tech - please explain!)
EQ's are always beneficial anywhere. They're definitely a good investment, because they have so many uses.

I'm not very familiar with the Vox though, so I couldn't tell you a whole lot about it myself.
Spin 'round carousel when your horse isn't screwed in.

My band:
Fractured Instinct
(For fans of Death/Groove/Prog Metal)

Ibanez RGA42E
Ibanez S420
LTD H-301
Ibanez RG520
Peavey Predator USA
Douglas Grendel 725
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I've got one and I love it, however, my only concern would be that if you are planning to gig it you may find that pretty soon you'd regret not getting something with a higher wattage. Having said that I've never played it with a drummer so I don't really know how well it would fair unless you are miked (I know that you said you'll be mostly miked).

Regarding your question on how the tone works on the AC4TV my answer (as a none techie) is not very well, you really get very little difference between full bass and full treble. In fact I've given up using it and just have it set to the middle. Maybe at higher volumes it may have more of an effect.

Over all it's a beautiful bluesy tone with a nice (and fairly early) break-up.

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The early breakup is more or less ideal for my styles of music. I'm going to be getting the head and cab, and then probably building a 2X12 for it, so hopefully it will be plenty loud enough.

How heavy (so just give me an example of a band) do you reckon it can go by itself? Also, do EQ pedals help as a boost too? I've seen them recommended instead of boost pedals in some applications.
I have one of these. I use it when I'm traveling to meet my singer to write songs and don't want to lug around one of my heavier amps, and sometimes in the studio. By itself you ask? By itself, I can get some Zeppelin-esque tones out of it...not much heavier though. But I do have to say it takes to pedals extremely well, much better than I thought it would.
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Zeppelin heavy is fine for me, the heaviest I really need to get is as heavy as Dammit (by blink182) is. (Not everyones favourite song I realise but its a good indicator of the heaviest our music is, as its one of the covers we play at the end of our set of originals).

Can anyone recommend some decent EQ pedals for around $120ish? (US is fine here, pedals can be bought from PGS)