Guitar is approximately 2 years old, has Seymour Duncan Custom 5 bridge and Jazz neck pickups in Vintage Sunburst. Lovely guitar and I'm sorry to see it go, but it doesn't quite suit me and I have another dual humbucker guitar that I prefer so this one's going to fund something a little different. It's in near perfect condition, has a bit of light buckle rash on the back, one small scratch in the laquer on the side of the neck and a small ding behind the bridge. Nothing into the wood, and you can only notice any of the imperfections when you look really closely. It's a great sounding guitar, despite the LTD name badge it really excels at rock, sounds as you'd expect from something SG styled. Nice midrange grunt coming out of it, and a surprisingly nice clean tone that I've used for a funk band a lot.

The wah's missing the rubber feet and battery cover but is in perfect working order. Comes with velcro on the bottom for attaching to a pedalboard and a fancy DIY battery cover made of a weetabix box.

Looking for £400 for both of these. Considering the guitar cost over £600 new, isn't available any more and the current equivalent only comes with EMGs, I'd say that's a fair amount to ask for.

I'm reluctant to offer postage just because of the hassle and extra cost I'd have to ask for, so local pickup is preferred. I'm currently in Scarborough, and I can't really travel.

I understand this is a bit restricting with my location and the lack of shipping, but I thought I'd throw this up anyway
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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Bump. Guitar will come with the original box and tags. Wah has the original box.

If anyone really needs me to ship this, I'm willing to discuss it.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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Would you be interested in a trade my gibson les paul junior?
Its for sale in this section with pics if u fancy a look