hey im 18 and have no formal music training but writing and performing music is a passion of mine. I am very busy so i don't have very much time to pursue this passion or get my music out there to see what people think. So if you have time please follow the link below and listen to a song or two
thanks in advance.

My favorite three are
July Angel (uploading new version soon)
You and me
and feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe!

Listened to all three. Good playing, good vocals. I don't really get why you've panned both July Angel and You and Me som far to the left, though.

July Angel could use some work on the vocals in the chorus otherwise excellent.

Liked the percussive thing in You and Me.

Liked the lyrics on all of them. Favourite one was probably July Angel. Good stuff
I agree it's strange the music is all panned to the left. I listened to "Politician". I liked the guitar except for some of the chords you play in the chorus. Singing, lyrics, & vocal melody are all good! I hope you follow through on the C4C this time as promised, if you want any more reviews from me:

i listened to all three man: july angel took me somewhere i heavent been in awhile. (music does that) politician was good too man keep making this beautiful music. theres nothing wrong with it just that it would be cool if you played with the pans more actively but those songs are perfect.
listened to july angel and i have to say i was very impressed. your voice is great and your guitar playing is mellow and chill, just like my acoustic playing. the lyrics were also good and went well with the music. something you could have done better would be maybe building up a little more tension throughout the song and then release it at the end. its just fine the way it is though.

crit mine?