Hi guys, it's almost the end of the year and i've got my major exams coming up, 3 of which are worth 50%.

How do you guys study for exams?
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Hey man I'm doing my HSC through TAFE.

I'm awful at it so I'll be no good

But you're probably best off reading through the questions while watchin tv/movie with your family.

So then it's not straight out bullshit reading, and it's not that distracting.

I don't know though lol Good luck in your exams.

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I cram the night before the exam. Sometimes I skip school to study the day before.

I never remember anything if I study more than a few days in advance because all that information gets replaced by useless crap I don't need to know. So it'd be a waste of time if I did anything else.

^this only applies to BS classes I don't want to take but I have to in order to graduate. if it's a class I actually like, I probably won't need to study at all. Just a quick review of everything 10 minutes before and I'm good.

edit: I failed PE exams a lot...it was very demoralizing since all we had to do was describe the rules of some sport
now I just study study study my ass off for everything
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I cram the day before usually in addition to some half hearted revision two days prior. It's worked for me.
I didn't. Although I will this year as I want to go uni.

Just read the topic?
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hard work atleast 3 weeks prior to the exam.

I read through each subjects textbook atleast twice to make sure I get all the principles and formulas memorized and what not,... REAL HARD WORK!
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read text books and all written notes. make notes of key definitions and ideas. do this a couple of times then your good. its a good feleing going into an exam with confidence in your ability.

i never study for mock exams though
Usually just cram the day before, not taking any chances this year though, I need my 3 A's so I'm gonna make sure I'm organised from the start, and continually refresh the work I've done throughout the year by looking over it regularly.
I was picked for math exam last year (1 random exam 12th year in Norway. This year I will have 1 in Norwegian writing as well as 2 randomly picked.)

What I did, was basically doing older exam tasks as exercises as well as reading on stuff I didn't understand fully. Got a 5 out of 6 as my mark. Getting all top marks in Norway is ****ing difficult. It's kinda all over the news if someone gets 95% top marks -- so hard is it. An example is the guy who got 5 as average in Norway, and 4,133 GPA as an exchange student in the US.
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Figure out how many chapters/pages there are in the textbook. Work out a certain amount to read each night from the start of revision so that by the time the exam comes, I've read through the textbook twice over. Obviously works best if revision is started earlier.

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When I was in college, I used to study a little bit every day. You increase your memorisation that way.
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I make a glossary of everything I need to remember and just repeatedly run through it trying to memorize it and to make sure i'm not memorizing it because of the order i do it backwards and get people to quiz me either giving me the word or the definition and i have to guess the other.
I start cramming between 1-5 days before the exam, depending how little I have paid attention to the subject throughout the year. The cramming usually consists of either memorizing definitions, or understanding core concepts for mathematical subjects that I can then use to solve complex shit. I will also look over some past-papers to get a general idea of what to expect.

This method got me a distinction, so I will probably stick to it.