My latest work. Has all of my latest influences in it. (Frank Zappa and Thinking Plague, mostly)

It - as the title suggests - has a lot of avant-garde music influences, so it's atonal, has some crazy rhythms and isn't generally for those who find dissonance in large quantities to be a turn off.
Yet I HAVE tried to give it memorable hooks and themes.

RSE is recommended as I've set the dynamics in accordance with it. If you don't have RSE, alter the dynamics so it makes sense to you.

As always - all opinions are welcome. Suggestions as well. I am not sure how to continue it. It's not finished - not by a long shot.

* * *

For those of you, who think that this is pretentious and smug... well, might be. But I'd also tell you a little about, what inspired me -
Namely the Disumbrationist school of art.

(From Wikipedia: Disumbrationism was a hoax masquerading as an art movement that was launched in 1924 by Paul Jordan-Smith.

Annoyed at the cold reception his wife's realistic still lifes had received from an art exhibition jury, Jordan-Smith sought revenge by styling himself as "Pavel Jerdanowitch" (Cyrillic: Па́вел Йердaнович, a variation on his own name, and entering a blurry, badly painted picture of a Pacific islander woman brandishing a banana skin, under the title "Exaltation". He made a suitably dark and brooding photograph of himself as Jerdanowitch, and submitted the work to the same group of critics as representative of the new school, "Disumbrationism." He explained "Exaltation" as a symbol of "breaking the shackles of womanhood."[1] To his dismay, if not to his surprise, the Disumbrationist daub won praise from the critics who had belittled his wife's realistic painting.)

Hark! Is that a mellotron I hear?
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So what shackles is this song supposed to break?

I don't know what the disconnect is supposed to be, and I quite like that.
Are you belittling grandiose writers like me, or those that mock the unusual? Is it supposed to be a sardonic view of how conventional wisdom tells people the criteria for criticism?
Is it all bullshit?

I must say, I didn't really like the piece, even though it did have a tinge of excitement to it. And I could see that you must have put a decent amount of effort into it.
I would've eaten this song up about a year ago, but I've decided that makes weird shit for the sake of being weird is not enough.
It's a dull way to write and just makes for terrible songs.

I would like to see some of your other work though, as you have some good insight.
Oh, and I would like a C4C if possible.
Hey thanks for the crit of my songs.

First off, I think it's cool that you're trying to make the atonal stuff work and I don't think you're just 'being weird for the sake of it' If you know what I mean. The only thing is that I think you should to contrast Atonality with 'tonality' (I'm assuming that's the opposite of atonal), Imo that's what makes that stuff work, well. I'm all about contrasts.

I would suggest putting the 'epic jam' part (which was freaking awesome) as a kind of chorus, in between the 'theme 1' part. I'll do a rough version of your GP file and upload it if you don't mind. So the Theme 1 and epic jam become like a verse and chorus, however since we're being pretentious prog heads we'll call them, themes.

Also I think it needs a vocal track, however I'm guessing you're just not putting it in the gp file. Vocals could possibly tie the whole thing together, cause it kind of sounds like a whole lot of random instrument passages stuck together to my ears.

So overall, it's a decent song and it's got potential however it just feels a little rough and messy at the moment. Rearrange the structure, and put some 'tonal' parts in it, vocals, maybe a solo, and you'll have a good song.
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Thanks for the comments guys.


Good questions you asked there mate. I have to admit I did start this out in my head at least as an idea of a sonic experimentation that would be utterly meaningless and incomprehensible. As I worked on it, I realized that my mind started looking for patterns anyway. So I went with it. It's ridiculous and it's smug and it's quite possibly pretty much all bollocks, but there is still something underneath it all, if you will. Something of what I feel and what I like - because those are inevitably included in any artistic work. So it's a joke that I started taking seriously and tried to find redeeming factors in a work that is essentially ridiculous.

However, no shackles, I am not THAT arrogant to believe that I covered any new musical ground with this. Heh. I just do what I like, as anybody else.

But I never viewed it as a song. The structure is in it's starting phases, of course. The piece is far from finished, so I'll be tweaking it around quite a bit. But I don't think I'll be adding vocals... perhaps in some sections or in some reprises of earlier sections. Not in the ones already done. This was meant as an instrumental.
There actually are quite tonal moments in the piece already. It's far from being completely atonal.
Hark! Is that a mellotron I hear?
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The shackles were a reference to the Disumbration Movement.

I could see how you were channeling The Thinking Plague. The music they make is something else.
As I said, I've moved past the avant-prog style that I used to adore.
The only avant-garde group(s) that I like now are those that Toby Driver and Co are involved in (Maudlin of The Well, Kayo Dot, Tartar Lambs, etc).

And I'll restate that I did actually like the song to a degree, but reading up on the faux art movement put me in a foul mood. My questions were mostly sardonic, aside from the last 2 in that 1st paragraph.