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This thread has probably been covered before but I can't find it so I thought I'd start it,

What is your favourite radio station on GTA?
Preferably 3, VC, SA or 4.

I'm going to say either V Rock or emotion on VC. VC radio > all other GTA radio.
The one you can make with MP3s.

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VROC on VC was badass.
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VCPR. Epic funny stuff on that radio station.
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WCTR was funny as **** the first few times listening through.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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The country one on San Andreas.
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VCPR was the best hands-down.
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Any radio station can play songs about abusing drugs and women (*bitchslap), but we’ve been doing it successfully for 22 years. You’re listening to The Dust.

Radio X is awesome as well. And yes, VCPR was funny as.
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The one with the funny ads.
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The Dust was quite awesome, as well as Liberty Rock Radio. Of course all talk stations are great, but some I haven't heard in a real long time. I need to go out and buy GTA 3 and VC for 2 bucks.
Vrock or Radio X
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everything that you've come to expect

Head Radio from GTA3

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Liberty City Hardcore! Liberty City Hardcore! Liberty City! Hardcore!
Apparently in gay tony there is one with At the Gates and Sepultura.
Occasionally the rock one when it was playing the stooges or Smashing Pumpkins
And later in the game when I bought a Tux I would play Jazz.
K-DST, it has Axl as the DJ!
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Radio-X on SA.
I like St. Anger. Ridicule me, daddy

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K-Chat and Wave 103. I actually bought the CD for Wave 103 it's that good.
Liberty City Hardcore! Liberty City Hardcore, Liberty City Hardcore, **** You!
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K-Dst from San Andreas. The music isn't that good but that chick was hilarious.
And the station in IV that played Bad Brains, Sick Of It All, Murphy's Law & Underdog.
The one in GTA4 with the courtroom cases and stuff. My friends and I would play the game and get into a car just to have that in the background while we did other stuff.
VCPR is the best.
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Radio Los Santos (SA), Liberty Rock Radio (TBOGT/TLAD), Liberty City Hardcore (TBOGT/TLAD).

Nice blend of hip hop, classic rock and death metal. The GTA4 downloadable games had far better radio than the original GTA4.
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Vrock or Radio X


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K-DST in the San Andreas. Slow Ride, Free Bird, Smokin', Strutter. Epic driving music.

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The one where Axl is the DJ
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