I know this is going to sound crazy, but I stumbled onto these two untitled songs on my sister-in-law's ipod which I just fell in love with.

The guitar is super simple, but it's the voice that was so full of soul

Sadly, I was told it was Robert Pattinson singing, so after my embarrassment of being a grown man listening to the newest male sex icon, I've been trying to find an artist with a similar vocal style... and to no avail.

So I'm coming public with this embarrassing obsession, and hoping that maybe someone can point me in the direction of a similar-sounding artist?

His two songs are called Let Me Sign, and Never Think (I'm pretty sure this one's a cover). So look it up, if you don't know what he sounds like, and help me out if you can.

dont worry about it
be a man and say this

his acting ****ing sucks
female girls have some weird obsession over him which i dont care to understand

but **** that man can sing
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Don't be embarrassed. Like what you like.

i agree. you may like him as a singer, but you may not like him as an actor.
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female girls

Wait, what?
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I think he is very talented, even in acting (outside of Twilight). The only thing I hate is his annoying fanbase, but that doesn't make his music bad.
cool. awesome guys, but still doesnt answer my question.. see he's only got like two songs recorded. I'm looking for someone else who sounds similar who actually might have an album or so out... I'm trying to analyze vocal technique here.... it's an obsession of mine.