My sister's boyfriend just brought his old Fender BXR 100 to me for repairs. Apparently, there's a whole chunk ripped out of the cone. There's no way around it: It needs a different speaker. I know it's an Eminence and I can get it from the Fender Parts Shop for about $100, but as with all other parts from the Fender Parts Shop, I'm pretty sure I can get it cheaper straight from an Eminence dealer. So all I need to know is, which speaker is this?
I've tried looking up the numbers on it, but so far I've had little results. I'll continue my search, but in the mean while I thought it'd do no harm to see if anyone here can give me some more information on where to look.

I'd appreciate any information at all.
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Quote by Invader Jim
why not just get a reconing kit or smt.

Well, I never heard of that to be honoust.
i think radiodaze.com sells reconing kits. i know they sell supplies like speaker cement and such. they cater to people who restore old radios from the 20s-60s.

edit: holy crap, it looks like they went out of business. the website is gone...

here is what google shows:
Well, the first prices I see for the 15" reconing kits are approaching that of the entire speaker...