So, in the next couple of months, I'm planning to build up a nice gigging half stack. I need something reliable, and good sounding mainly for Metal. I currently have a spider II halfstack, but it's pissing me off, and it sucks so I'm selling it. I'm not sure what to get though, I've heard several things are good, then I've heard they're bad.

I play mainly Metal, and Deathcore or whatever the hell they call it. So I need a good clean distortion sound for dropped tuning playing. I've heard B-52 is good, but then I heard they're unreliable, then I heard that Crate was really good and reliable, but then I heard the tone sucked. So I'm pretty damn confused as to what to get.

What could I get that's inexpensive that I could get a good sound out of for a while before I really upgrade?

P.S. I've heard Maxon OD808 and Boss Noise Supressors are the most common things to use, but through what should I use them? I can't afford Mesa and Randall V2's or things like that.
I know a few people with the B-52 AT-100 and none of them have ever had a problem with it. But if your looking to upgrade later why do you need a stack? Why not just get a combo until you have enough to get a great stack. But if you are determined to go stack just make sure you get a decent cab.
Are you asking which amp to buy?

If so you need to go to GG&A.

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I just need something loud to gig, I have a Spider III 75w combo, but that thing just sounds like ass when you crank it. I want a halfstack because I want something good sounding that can get loud, however chances are I can't afford anything expensive for the next couple of years. So I want something that can at least the job done for a while.

As for the GC thing, no, I don't like my local GC and none of the workers there play metal. I'm always there, and none of them really know what I need, I've asked a million times, and they tell me Line 6.
What's your budget?

You could find a used Peavey 6505 or 5150 and a used Mesa cab, altogether would cost under a grand.

If your budget is half that, get a used 6505+ 112 combo.
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Buying a cheap half stack is a complete waste. For the same price you could get a much better quality combo that will still bring your walls down in volume.

Peavey 6505+ 112 combo.
ENGL Thunder/Screamer

just to name a few
Hey man dont worry about loudness. Unless your playing super huge gigs most any tube amp will do the job. Btw what is your budget? is all your money going to come from selling that spider?
You will be suggested the peavey 6505, 6505+, 5150 then. A combo version of that amp will be infinitely louder and clearer than your half stack.
The head and combo versions of those are expensive as hell. The least I found was over 600.


This is $600 new. Try looking one Ebay or craigslist for one used. Then later if you want a halfstack then you can get one and plug it into the combo.
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It sounds too heavy metal style, I need cleaner distortion. Like the Line 6 Insane, but less digital.
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It sounds too heavy metal style, I need cleaner distortion. Like the Line 6 Insane, but less digital.

90% or so of Death Metal/Deathcore/Metalcore bands have used a 5150/6505 at some point in their careers. Can you be more specific as to what kind of sound you're looking for.

'Clean Distortion' is kind of an oxymoron in guitar terms I have a feeling you're meaning a saturated sound rather than a crunchier one?
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Haha yeah, I need liker an August Burns Red or Parkway Drive type sound.
I have been using my b52 At100 for # years. In that time its been droped down a flight of stairs and knocked off t;he cab plus count less live shows. I have had it rebuilt once. I love the amp! trust me you dont have to worry about the reliability issues. That was just the first ones.
They are going for dirt cheep now a days you could probably find a used combo for cheep.


and a 50watt combo for 199
^Parkway drive does too I believe. Or have used them. So a 6505 or 5150 would be the best choice for you. If you that's too expensive, look at the Bugera 6260/6262.

Can't believe no one said Bugera already.
Buy a 6505+ 112 combo and your tonal needs will be met. Parkway I know for sure have toured with 6505's and so has ABR.
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Quote by yoimer06
It sounds too heavy metal style, I need cleaner distortion. Like the Line 6 Insane, but less digital.

Cleaner distortion? I think that is more picking technique and palm muting as well as grounding your gear properly and using quality cables, pedals, and power adapters.

The 6505+ can be very tight and clear if you let it. If you want the Insane channel with less digitalness then......either look into some of the higher end stuff by Line 6 or hold on for a picture that I have for you.

What is your closest major city?
I looked up the Bugera, and honestly I think it's what I'm going to go for. It's a good deal, and the videos and samples I've seen sound like it has exactly what I'm looking for.
There is a DSL, JCM900, XXX, Alchemist, Traynor YBA-1, Peavey Windsor, Classic 50, 3120, Valveking, Mesa RectoVerb, Carvin Legacy, Tweaker adn a Plexi in the $200 - $800 range. just sayin'


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