In genre like prog death, the bass and drums are the driving force of the song.
This could be said about basically any type of genre, but it remains especially troo in this form of metal.
I would say that this a lot more in common with -core and melodeath bands than it does with a band like Opeth, Akercocke, or Death.

Regardless, it should be viewed on it's own merits.

The Intro has a nice build-up.
In fact, I think this is the sound that you should be trying to bring. I do realize that it's just there for introductory purposes, but it's quite fruitful.

Bar 34 riff is a bit too typical, especially when it comes to the -core style.

Bar 50 is good stuff. Nothing too flashy or innovative, but it works.

Not liking the -core riff.

Chorus thing again. Alright.

Bar 82 has Parkway Drive written all over it. It's ok, but just not what I was hoping for.

The last 2 and half-ish riffs are -core styled as well. I can't quite place the resemblance, but it's nothing more than decent.

I don't like making crits that are mostly just comparisons in genre and style, but that's all I got out of this piece. It seems more like place holder riffs for the latter half, while the 1st half has some potential to it.
I think you should definitely move away from the metalcore style and focus on the prog death. That and the drumming should add another dimension to your song.