I've recently bought a few pedals in order to get "my" sound. Now comes the task of putting the pedals in the right order in the signal chain. Since i have no idea how to do that i thought that i would ask you guys at the forum!

My gear is the following


Fuzz - EHX Double Muff
Tuner - TC Electronic Polytune
Tremolo - EHX XO Stereo Pulsar
Pitchshifter - Behringer US600
Delay - EHX Memory Boy

Guitar - Ibanez AFS95T
Amp - Fender Deluxe VM

All help is much apprieciated!
I would do so : Guitar - tuner - fuzz - tremolo - pitchshifter - delay - amp .
Its just my opinion so be free to experiment !
Put the tuner and fuzz in front of your amp, then put pitchshifter-tremolo-delay in the effects loop.

But experiment too! there's no right or wrong way, just what sounds best to you

EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it the pitchshifter might sound better in front of the fuzz... I don't really know, I don't have one but I would try that out too.
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Guitar -> Tuner -> Fuzz -> Amp -> Tremolo -> Pitch Shifter -> Delay -> Amp.

That's how I'd do it. There's no right or wrong order of pedals though. your pedals will sound differently depending on where you put them, so you can really just experiment til you find something you like.
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maybe put the fuzz at the very start... some fuzzes (not sure if the muff is one such) don't like being behind a buffer
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maybe put the fuzz at the very start... some fuzzes (not sure if the muff is one such) don't like being behind a buffer

This is true.

Nthing the "experiment" notion, too; at first we're all told to do distortions -> wah/EQ -> modulators -> time-based effects, and this is sort of a standard setup, and by all means works great. But some of the coolest sounds come out of giving that the middle finger and throwing everything around.

Remember, effects aren't less effective (no pun intended :\) based on order- it all depends on if you want the delay pedal to send out a distorted signal into the amp/pedals, or if you want the delay to take the original signal and put the delays through all the effects. Be a mad scientist with your pedalboard, it's a lot more rewarding in the end.
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