I have recently bought this guitar and I wonder what are your opinions on it if you ever played one.
Well, this is how I found this guitar: I went into a guitar store and wasnt planning on buying a guitar too much, I was just trying out the guitars. I was searching for one that is a smaller bodied guitar for fingerpicking. When I played the 000C-16RGTE I got a sound that blew me away. It just sounded awesome and I never heard any nicer sounding guitars in my life. What I especially liked about it, was its neck. The action is so low... you dont even have to make any effort to press down. However I found that when unplugged, the guitar is a bit quiet, and a little "buzzy" when strumming. But I like it anyway. I am just curious how others like it.
It's a great guitar, but like the above poster said, it's really more about what you think about it. If you're happy with how it sounds, feels, and plays then no one else's opinion really matters, does it?
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