Hey fellow UGers!
I still have my starter guitar (Ibanez GAX70) and I like the tone i get out of it and the sentimental value makes me want to keep it.
My problem is the neck. It warps at the seemingly slightest change in weather and its a short scale length and so I've kinda outgrown it. I love the feel of fender tele and strat necks so my question is if I bought a neck from ebay for like $150 and bolted it on to my Ibby will it be an easy change or would i need make size adjustments and crap. Would I be throwing my money away? Thanks
It would screw your intonation up. A lot. That guitar is a 24.75" scale, and it sounds like you want to get a 25.5" scale neck. I strongly advise against doing that.
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