Collapse are a technical death metal/grind band from Denver, Colorado.


Taken from their Myspace:
Collapse; The brainchild of former Cephalic Carnage co-founder/songwriter Zac Joe, was formed in March 2009 and features former and current members of Vale of Pnath, To Be eaten, and Elucidarius. Please stay tuned here or visit the official Collapse facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/collapse/113990371979808 for updates and free songs.

Nothing's been announced yet, but I'm pretty sure these guys will be signing to Relpase fairly soon. This band is definitely worth a listen, especially if you're a fan of Cephalic Carnage.
This is kinda bland in my opinion,way better then what Cephalic Carnage are doing theese days though.
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But yeah, you either like this or you don't.
A revelation of epic proportions! Can I get a hallelujah up in this bitch?
It's not very interesting but I can see how they could easily become successful.
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