I was going to buy my first good guitar (an upgrade from my behringer v-tone guitar). I was thinking about gett either a schecter damien fr or a schecter damien elite fr. I cant decide between the 2 the regular damien has tons of good review while the elite versions barley even has reviews. could someone help me decide which one to get or if you have another guitar in mind i want a guitar with a floyd rose that is under or equals $600.
Quote by Levi79
Definitely the Elite.
Mahogany body sounds awesome
Better Trem
The beautiful schecter quilt.
Active EMG's rather than the trashy EMG-Hz's

All of those things are well worth 100$ more. I'm surprised it isnt 250 or 300 more.

This man speaketh the truth.
awsome i was gonna get the damien elite dark metallic blue and buy a schecter case and dunlop ez strap loks. thanks for the help
I play stuff like metallica and avenged sevenfold I rally dont want anything with basswood but I do want something with a good floyd rose and under $700