Hey everybody, Im taking a leap here cause I just wanted to c something. so let me explain
My name is Ryan Miller and I'm 18 years old and I'm from Lancaster County, Pa, I just moved to Winter Park, FL to attend Full Sail University in the Recording Arts Program starting on the 27th. Sweet right!? Anyway I'm staying at the Collegiate Village Inn aka CVI-UCF. I was just wondering if A. There was anyone on the forums who is living here? and B. Is there any current Full Sail Students on here or anyone starting at Full Sail on the 27th? if so hit me up either on here or on twitter or facebook. Just mention that u saw this post k?
my twitter is @rjmiller91
my facebook is www.facebook.com/rjmiller91


I've read lots of bad things about Full Sail University. Plus the recording industry is dying due to the fact that quality recording equipment is more affordable nowadays causing most bands to make recording their self. Plus these private colleges are so dam expensive.

I was accepted into the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology but then I decided no to go because I couldn't afford the $30,000 tuition
I leik music