Hey guys,
So i have all the strings off my Epi LP special 2 right now. Recently, I took some like sanding stuff but it wasn't sand paper. It looks more like steel wool but is made out of thread, not steel. It came with my sander. Anyways i did that to the back of the neck, and it made "matte" and less sticky. Can i do this to the whole guitar because it's all scratched up and i'll be refinishing it soon anyways, i just want to know if i can do this.
i really don't see why you couldnt
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It probably wont hurt anything, so I guess you could. I wouldn't worry to much about it if you are going to be refinishing this later.
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Does it look a bit like a scotchbrite pad?

I'm pretty sure I saw a thread on another forum somewhere where a bloke used that stuff to take the shine off his poly finished LP and then buffed it back to a sort of semigloss finish. Looked about 30 kinds of better to be honest.
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