Sorry about that, I dont know how to edit the first post. But anyway, I have forsale a schecter damien 6 FR with EMGz. it has a couple of dings and a few small scratches on the back but its In good condition and is amazing. going for 250$ plus shipping. PM for pics.

Up next is an IBANEZ Rg 320DX qm. it is quilted maple, some scratches, and is in Okay condition. Really good Edge also. Going for 200$ PM me for pics. Thanks.
What does okay condition on the RG? Is it grey?
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Quote by guitar nubsauce
What does okay condition on the RG? Is it grey?

Some dings and all that jazz, its really not noticable, its purple But you need light to see the quilted maple. stock pickups. plays REALLY well. By okay condition, i would mean that theres no paint wear and No buckle rash or anything that crazy.