1) I've been looking in to half-stacks and I'm pretty sure by now I really like the Bugera 6260. I play mostly metal and can't find a 5150 for under $1000 so would I be making the right choice?

2) Would a distortion pedal such as a Maxon OD808 work well with a stomp box or should I not bother with it? I already have a BBE sonic stomp but I'm not sure if another pedal would make the tone better or not.

3) Where do noise suppressors work better, in front of the amp, or in the loop? I know you can do either but which works better?

4) What about for the BBE Sonic Maximizer?

5) Where can I find a proper cable to connect the amp head to the cabinet?
1) With no personal experience myself, I can't comment. But I hear of reliability issues..

2) An OD pedal can be used simply as a boost, or you can set it for a tad bit more grit to your tone, and shape it how you want it a bit more.

3) No idea, never used one. I would assume in the loop, though?

4) No idea

5) You just need a speaker cable (I think) any music store would have one.
1. If you like the 5150/6505, than the 6260 or 6262 isn't a bad choice.
2. First off, I would look for a overdrive pedal. The maxon you mentioned is an overdrive, but I would look at a Ibanez one for cheaper, or a Digitech Bad Monkey for really cheap.
3. The ISP Decimator is considered the best noise suppessor. Running in front of the amp or in the loop is your choice. Out in front would cut mostly feedback, and in the loop would mostly cut noise. To me I tried both and definitely liked it out in front of the amp the most. Each situation is different though.
4. I've heard of the BBE being used in the loop, but I would experiment with that too.
5. At any basic music shop.

I would try different pedals with the Bugera or whatever other amp you might look at at the store. Make sure you like what you're getting before you get it.
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I buy nearly all my gear used, and from the used section on the Guitar Center website. Seriously, it has everything you need; I bought a Mesa Rectoverb for $800 from there, which is a steal considering they're twice as much brand-new. I found a few Peavey 5150's in your price range, they're in the link:

http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/index.cfm?page=1&sort=price&dir=asc&srch&q=Peavey 5150&startZip=&distance=100

Hope that helps, man.
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