I have a JCM 900 1x12 combo, and bought this Footswitch about a year and a half ago to use with it.


Now when I use it when it is completely uncoiled, it won't switch away from the overdrive channel. For instance, I will unplug it from the amp and plug it back in and it will be on the overdrive channel. I will go to switch and the button does nothing.

Yet, when the coil is shortened and wrapped around the unit it works fine.

So is it the chord for the footswitch? I would really like to figure this out.

Also, are there any generally good footswitches that will work with many amps and have the option to disconnect the chord from it? The reviews of the Marshall say this happens a lot, and I would like to go buy a different but I haven't found any.

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Its probably a broken conductor in the cable. If you can solder, you could put a jack onto the footswitch so you could use any TRS cable for the footswitch.