Anyone knows any colleges that offers both a Sound engineering and a Performance majors or something similar other than Berklee? Thanks
Where do you live? Highly recommend University of Hartford in Connecticut. Only problem is if you go into one school there (Ie: School of Arts vs School of Business) you can't study outside of your school. So no science or business or whatever else you may want to study besides general education requirements...
Musicians Institute in California.

You do realize that a degree in "Sound Engineering" is totally worthless, right? Studios hire people who are already proven (ie, people they have already worked with). With the current availability of home recording equipment, studio engineers are becoming less useful.

And a performance degree will get you exactly... nowhere. Studio musicians are hired the same way engineers are; studios want a known quantity. Most performance majors end up doing something else for a living after graduation.

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I don't know any other than Berklee by name, but state schools usually have a pretty diverse selection, maybe look into some of those.

EDIT: jburde, do you go to U hartford? I'm thinking about it for Art school.
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Haha no sorry, I'm applying this year as well. Visited though and it looks like a great school, that's the only real negative I could find out of it.
I think those art institutes that are around the nation offer sound engineering.
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Anyone knows any colleges that offers both a Sound engineering and a Performance majors or something similar other than Berklee? Thanks

I'd go with MI in california, thats wher I'm planning on going, and what Das_Skittles said is not entirely true, studios do like to hire guys with expiriance who are well known but how do you think those guys got their experiance? They just grabbed a sound board, and guitar and started to randomly hit buttons and strings, hell no. They knew enough about recording and music theory/technique top be able to impress people.
MI for sure. The networking there is amazing. You'll meet people who can hook you up with a job after school and you'll gain some useful real-world experience.