decisions make wars
instead they should end them
i'm sure you've ignored
the warnings that I've sent you

an evil apple shouldn't be
eaten you see
but what was nature thinking
when she planted that tree?

it's not your fault
i'm just too full of angst
you're just too full of judgement
life's too full of itself

and a discretion
ends an obsession
but in typical fashion
they couldn't have
they had to
have it all
and I know what you're asking
asking for in return
in this victim less crime

i have experience
with getting screwed over
turned around with thinking
got ****ed without blinking

could bats bat their eyes
or were they born without smarts?
are people this mean?
have they forgotten their hearts?

thinking and loving
i guess they don't correlate
we should think before leaps
before it's too late


and there won't
be no tears
but i'll miss you man
see you in a few years.
I think that where it says "are people this mean?" it could say "Are people this cruel?"
I don't know why, I just think it would sound better.
Other then that the lyrics look good.