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Do you listen to albums at a time? Do you ever listen to complete discographies at a time? Do you use speakers, headphones? Do you use the shuffle feature?

Personally, I usually listen to an album at a time, and then I go onto a different album of a different artist. I occasionally use the shuffle feature, but that can be weird.
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I just pick an artist and put it on shuffle.
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I listen by albums. However, I did listen to the entire In Flames discography in one day which was pretty sweet.

I can't stand not listening to an entire album.


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Shuffle Albums. What a wonderful feature. If not, I have specific playlists which can be shuffled normally.
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Usually one album or artist at a time. When I get a new CD, I always go out on a long walk and listen to it in sequence.
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I mostly shuffle it all on my mp3 player.

I use headphones but also plug it into my car stereo when driving. Rarely use a computer or stereo to listen to music.
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When I'm at home - whole albums at a time, through speakers
When I'm not at home - single song shuffle, through headphones

Shuffle, enough volume not to listen anything but the music, having no work pending.
That's the best.
Most of the time i just out it on shuffle and let the music play cause i have it on as background sound. But when i do sit down to pay attention to the music i will pick a random album i haven't listened to all the way through in a while and listen to that.
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I can't stand not listening to an entire album.

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Depends on the music, but recently i've been listening to lots of prog, which means concept albums, which means listening to the whole thing start to finish to get the theme. Headphones makes it even better.
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Naked with a bowl of cereal with headphones.

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sigged, and i like to listen to whole albums. just my thing i guess
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Naked with a bowl of cereal with headphones.
I call the artist on their personal phone number and I tell them to sing the song of choice to me. The song can also be from another artist, which in turn, puts the artist you called into a musical challenge which can make or break their career.
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Do you listen to albums at a time? Yes, I prefer to.

Do you ever listen to complete discographies at a time? No, but I'll sometimes listen to two or three albums in a row by a band. A couple weeks ago I did listen to all my Bowie & Patti Smith albums back2back, though.

Do you use speakers, headphones? Speakers at my house, headphones when I'm at college.

Do you use the shuffle feature? Sometimes.
I put my vinyl on, play some street fighter, and flip it when the side is done. I listen to my CD's while I'm driving, and when I'm on the computer I either shuffle or select specific songs.
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Tend to shuffle with headphones, trying to work up the attention span to listen to albums all the way through
I pretty much pick from song to song. Either on my sound system or Sennheiser headphones when it's late. I'll listen to a whole album if I am reading or playing a game and I'll put it on shuffle if I am working or something. But if I am putting my focus on listening I scroll while listening.
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Usually I'll just play songs at a time that I feel like hearing, if I have a lot of time on my hands I'll listen to an entire album or even a discography(I do this at night a lot). If I can't figure out what to listen to I just hit shuffle.
Depends. I used to really like shuffle, I mean I used it constantly. Then I started listening to some concept albums and got into the whole, "You HAVE to listen to every album all the way through, no exceptions" deal. Then I got into making playlists that had either a similar theme, or with songs that flowed well together, and then I got into shuffling those, and now I just try to find an album that fits my current mood which usually just turns into me listening to The Comas album, "Conductor" which is just an all around 100% amazing album.

And on the topic of headphones, I always use them, but I have different pairs for different occasions. If I'm going to class, I wear this cheap pair of buds I got from my dad when my super nice Sony buds died and I couldn't solder them back because I like to listen to music during class. If I'm in the mood to look like a total hipster and have pretty crappy sound quality I've got a pair of old school looking white Phillips brand headphones, and when I'm either in audiophile mode or don't fucking talk to me mode I have my Sennheiser HD580's which are just glorious.
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only fags use shuffle with any regularity.

i bet you guys download single songs too.
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I usually shuffle, but I do love listening to some good albums.
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Usually album at a time... shuffles good but when you go from like jazz to metal, then to blues, then to pop it can get sort of weird... although yesterday I listened to the doors discography when i was doing HW, and that was pretty cool
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Whole albums, usually in the car whilst driving. If I like it then it goes into my shuffle list.
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to listen to whole albums and sometimes I want to listen to individual songs on shuffle.

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Do you listen to albums at a time? Yes, not often, but I do.
Do you ever listen to complete discographies at a time? No. I do listen to more than one album at a time if I'm in the mood.
Do you use speakers, headphones? Speakers whenever I can, but sadly most of the time I can only use headphones.
Do you use the shuffle feature? No, I prefer picking the next song.
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Shuffle it all.

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Do you listen to albums at a time?

Yep, and now that I'm in the habit of it shuffling would be very unsatisfying.

Do you ever listen to complete discographies at a time?

If the discography is small, sometimes.

Do you use speakers, headphones?

Speakers, except when I'm at skool and my r00mmate is in the r00m.

Do you use the shuffle feature?


There! Now everybody knows this important information!!!!!!!!

Edit: I TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes if I have a long compilation, like a 2-disc "greatest hits" collection or something, I shuffle it.
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