So I was looking around and I've found a Crate Flexwave 120 for 270$. I have a Line 6 Floor Pod Plus btw. Anyways I was wondering if this amp is worth getting, cause I was in the middle of saving for a peavey 5150/6505 (and I'm not getting much luck finding those, even though I don't have the money for em just yet). I was wondering if anyone has any experiance with one of those, I also want to know if its loud enough for gigging and practicing (with a drummer). I know this probably won't be as good as the peavey but for 270$.

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IMO, it all depends
it depends on what you play as well
I have one of them, and I love it, but the high gain channel was garbage to me, what did it to me was the clean, and i kinda liked the feel of the overdrive, sounded digital, but in a nice way (feels weird to say)

it's not reliable at all however
I've heard the flexwave series had a lot of problems but they may be better now? I heard all of this when they first moved production overseas. A 120 (assuming its a 2x12 and not the head) would be enough for gigging and practicing with a drummer. Crates are also very good to pair with a digital modeling like a POD due to their clean channel.

A new Flexwave 120 2x12 is something like $400 USD and buying one for $270 in my opinion is a little steep. I'd maybe pay the $270 for an older crate solid state like a GT or GLX series (I have a GLX 1x12) because they have much better quality than the flexwaves. As the previous poster mentioned the high gain channel is a little grainy but has a pretty good tone to it for a SS. Again, personally I wouldn't go for it unless it was a USA made Crate or tube Crate.