Enter I
Soaked to the bone
A master of deception before me normally evasive, but here
Narrowing my critical distance; “I’ll carve you alive”
A brandished kitchen knife will save me

So sure of ransom
But your assured smile fades now
With my sister secure in your arms
Fades like the colour in my eyes
The vibrant blue greys at the thought of a future caged and loveless
Ethically cornered where only a suicidal decision will do
So I slip the knife across my arm
Blood drips tantalizing you, intruder
“Is this what you wanted?!”
A wallet in a pool of blood, soaking dollars
My white socks are stained with each step; your eyes blur
But all the rubbing in the world won’t make me go away
You drip the sweat of uncertainty: you fear me now – you want to run!
A horrified look is all you can muster
I slit my arm again with a righteous scream
With the constitution of the right; finally you break
Folding to your knees in confusion

The police arrive in minutes… odd that I’m a little faint afterwards
When all through the trauma I was right as rain

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