what kinda of tool do I need to adjust the Ibanez truss rod? I know how to do it, but I no longer have the tool and need to get the proper one.

My RGT6EXFX needs an adjustment verrrrrrryyyyyy badly. and I'm too lazy to spend another $10 to get it adjusted at a shop when I could spend a one time fee of whatever and have the tool to do it myself

Links to stewmac? or another website would be awwwweeeesooommeee.

Thanks =]
^Ibanez dont use allan wrenches, its a socket. I'm not sure of the exact size of the nut though.

EDIT: RG's should have a 7mm nut.
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They're quite strange, some of them do use an allan wrench though. IIRC RG's, S's and JEM's use a 7mm socket, some others an 8mm socket, and JS's a 4 or 5mm allan wrench
My RGR420EX definitely uses an allen key, for what that's worth. 2008 model, made in Indonesia. I'll check size if you want, but getting a complete set will save you annoyance sooner or later elsewhere, and they are quite cheap (sub-$10).
^^My dad actually stole my allen wrench set so I was gonna pick one of the sets up anyways..

LittlePhil, link to proper 7mm socket please?
I'd check what your guitar uses first, because AJDrac says his RG uses an allan key. It may be that only Japanese Ibanez use the sockets, you should check yours rather than buying something that wont work.