very nice. the vocal parts were crazy. best part was definately when you had the instrumental part come in though. very epic vibe coming from it. something you could have done better was maybe add some very rhythmic drumming in the background. thanks a bunch for your critique on my song.
I really got a Doors feel from it.Verry nice.But I did feel like the rest of the band should jump in somewhere after the half way point.Kinda like a climax ya know.I really felt the rhythm guitar.Something I envy because my rhythm playing isn't verry strong yet.But as is its verry good.I also listend to alot of your other music and really enjoyed Today.The first thing that popped into my head is man this should have been on the sound track to Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects.It's late now but when I get more time i'm gonna give the rest of your music a listen. And thank you for the good review of my first endeavor into recording for others to hear.I'm really glad you liked it.I never play for anybody so it was a big step for me.
Wow, your vocals are even stranger than mine! A few of your vocals are off-key, but for the most part I like the weird vocal melodies. I do like the vocal effects! Some cool guitar tones. Audio quality is good overall. Guitar playing is good! I also hear shades of the Doors in there. Interesting recording for sure! Please review my music at this link:

Nice song. I especially liked the vocal melodies - sort of modern rock-ish, but the rest of the music sounds different, and the parts at 2.10 makes me think of something like The Doors. Also, I liked the way you used wierd effects on the vocals.

Instrumental part (1.40-3.40) feels a bit too long to me - might be a bit better if you do a full-band arrangement, though. Actually, I think the whole song could benifit from a full-band arrangement. I could hear the drums and stuff coming in at around 1:29, disappearing for the quiet part of the instrumental section 2:03-2:40, then coming back and staying for the rest of the song, or something like that.