Well my band is going to start gigging soon and I need a decent amp, with a reasonable amount of power too. Here are the 3 I have it pretty much narrowed down to but please suggest others too if you like... (I play an American strat by the way, in a strokes style band)

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III for $700

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 112 for $850



Vox VT100


I`m leaning towards the bigger Fender. Let me know your opinion! thanks
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The second is a DeVille, not a Deluxe.

These must be new models they just came out with, never heard of the "III." Speaking from the previous version though - The DeVille will be a better amp if you want some dirt, the Deluxe's distortion channel is pretty crappy. But who knows, they could've fixed the Deluxe on these new ones. Either one will have nice cleans.

Wouldn't bother with the Vox if you can afford the two Fenders. They are good amps, but the Fenders are superior. I dunno if you have to buy new for some reason, but you can pick up the previous version of both those Fenders for significantly less on the used market. Not really up on the price of the DeVilles, since people seem to hold on to those, but the HRDs I've seen go for as low as $250 used, though usually more around $350-450.

FWIW, my favorite amp Fender currently makes is still the Deluxe Reverb Re-Issue. That amp sounds like pure sex when cranked.
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