We just put up a brand new song, Framework, featuring Josh Herzer from the pop punk band Lions Lions. Please check it out and post anything you want telling me how you feel about it, POSTIVE and NEGATIVE. I'd rather you tell me my band sucks than not say anything at all. Thanks.

sounds good man. not exactly my kind of music, but still good nonetheless. youre drummer is ridiculous.
loved it. really good sound, your drummer's ridiculous, and the vocals sound real good. not mushy like some growls and screams come out, real defined sound.
Thanks a lot guys, we should be posting another new song in a few weeks or so. So be on the lookout!
Hey everyone,

We're putting up another brand new song tomorrow, a lot heavier than the first one. Thanks for the support we will be releasing our 7 song EP in December for only 5 dollars, you can pick it up on itunes or order it, more details on that soon. All our demos (which I personally think suck) are up for download on purevolume. www.purevolume.com/lightinmay

Please check out our new song tomorrow "Millenary" featuring Todd Mackey from With Honor! It will be going up around 8pm (eastern) myspace.com/lightinmay
wow dude, your songs just keep getting better and better! i love how you guys have 2 different songs that aren't within the same genre but you can still tell that it's the same band. i have a lot of respect for your use of variety. it's nice to hear a band that doesn't sound like every other band out there, keep doing your thing.