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Verse 1&2:
A failed sense of past
What does it mean to me?
Inside my cognitions change,
Another bout with hypocrisy.

I’m like a man who steals
From a thief
Let him do the dirty work
Just to end up in grief

Still I don’t throw stones in
Glass House
For a fear that it all comes crashing down

And just to learn what it means
To have a hard day’s work
I dug my own grave, then I dug myself out again.

Verse 3&4:
I’ll take the dark lit path
I’m too used to lights
I wanna get lost
And make somebody save me tonight

You saved me and now
emotion creeps up in my heart
I’d do anything if returning the favor
Weren't the hardest part

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge part 1:
The sewers beneath the city streets
Aren’t removed from us like we think
We think we know who we are
After all we are who we think we are
After all we are who we think we are

Bridge part 2:
Is there a chance?
Are we glass?
Do we shatter with the slightest throw of a stone?
There’s still a chance that
What defines you, can define me?
Why do I care about hypocrisy?
And my ambitions have been put to the test
Along with our broken moral compass!

(Repeat Chorus) X2