okay so i got asked to fix an acoustic guitar which a friend got at a yard sale or something
it has an undersaddle pick up but you cant hear the middle two strings, it turns out whoever installed it didnt do a good job of making the saddlehole (not sure if thats the word for it) so it looks like
sorry i cant upload a pic
but the point is the bottom of the saddle is flat
there is a pick up under it
and where the saddle rest is concave leaving some room between the pick up and the saddle
the pup doesnt feel the vibrations of the g and d strings so if anyone here could tell me how to fix this preferably without cutting into the guitar would be the best

thanks for anyone who read this and helps
Hmmm good question, you could reroute... but you'd have to be fairly careful...

you could possibly fill the "concavity",

You could potentially cut the saddle in half and place the PuP in-between the two halves.

I'm no kind of expert, and my idea might be kind of zanny, but it might actually be a job for an expert.

Or you could tell him it'll cost 80 bucks to fix and then wire him up a 60 dollar soundhole PuP...

well he doesnt want to pay 80 to fix a guitar that cost him 50 (i know im jealous too its a nice one)
im thinking my best bet is to cut the saddle and use the bottom part as the new flat base and then make a new saddle out of bone
if anyone has any other ideas or could talk me out of this one go ahead
Quote by Doonan
why not just cut a small thing piece of wood and use that as the flat piece

cause i cant exactly see the bottom and i wouldnt want the peice to get stuck in there if i cut it wrong