Even though my wardrobe is basically band shirts and metal makes up about 90% of what I listen to, I'm cautious of even scarcely associating myself with the label 'metalhead' (and labels in general, really).

Some of the most anal people I've ever met identify themselves as 'metalheads' (which isn't implying a causal link - maybe I just know some real assholes). I've seen people beat the shit out of each other over arguing whether band X was post-black-thrash or goth-prog-core, not to mention the amount of flamewars across the Internet about new genres which crop up each week. I know categorising and labelling of genres helps avoid confusion, but with metal it is to the point being anal-retentive.

Music for me is divided into two categories: Music I like, and music I don't like. It's not rocket science.

Metalheads are cunts.

I've seen people beat the shit out of each other over arguing whether band X was post-black-thrash or goth-prog-core

No you haven't. Go away.
Good for you, sunshine. Truth of the matter is that nobody here really cares that you take offense easily, so go away.
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I take that thing a thing further. I consider all things to be things I like or things I don't like. No need to beat people up over whether a thing is a bucket or a house or a fish, I mean, they're all just things, guys.
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I don't know.. I've found many people who are really picky to be metalheads. I used to listen to metal religiously, but was always open to new metal. But then it all got bland for me. But no one answered my question why it seems 50% hates avenged sevenfold. Not a big fan or anything, I like a couple of songs, but no one can tell me why they are so hated.