Hi chaps,

I'm on a fund raiser with proceeds going towards a telecaster build, so all help welcomed!

I have a Vox AD100VT combo amp that I'm looking to sell, however there are a few twists and possible deals to be done.

I have modded the amp to split the speakers from the head in order to use as a cabinet for my Blackstar HT20H. I have not cut any wires so it can be reconnected as normal no problem.

Here's the situation then. I have removed the "head" portion to cut down on weight, but I've not rehoused it or built any kind of enclosure for it. If anyone want's to make me an offer around the £60 mark just for the head then it'd be accepted.

Then I'll need someone to buy the remaining 2x12 "cab" for a similar price (£60)

Or if someone wants to buy the whole thing then I think £140 is a good price.

That'll give me £120-£140 to spend on a 1x12 cab, preferably with a V30.
UNLESS, someone wants to do a trade. I'd be looking to trade my Vox AD100VT for a 1x12 cab with a Celestion V30 or Greenback (or similar), BUT I need money in my pocket after this deal is done (as this is a fund raising exercise after all!). Probably looking at around £30-40

So to recap:

Vox AD100VT head - £60
Vox AD100VT cab - £60


Vox AD100VT combo - £140


Trade Vox AD100VT for 1x12 Cab + £30-40

A word on the amp;
It's a modelling amp with a real tube in the power amp section. 11 presets, 2 switchable user patches, built-in adjustable fx (reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, rotary etc). There are some excellent tones to be found in this amp, especially the "Boutique Clean", AC15 and AC30 models.

It's fantastic gigging amp, very loud and takes pedals well. The patches are footswitchable too (although there is no footswitch included as I used the amp control feature on my Boss GT8).

A few reviews:


Although I have to say that I never experienced the reliability issues that have been reported, even after years of gigging.

The amp is in decent condition. The centre handle is missing. This snapped off early into its life as Vox didn't feel the need to put on a handle that can bear the weight of the amp! There are two outer handles that have faired much better. I have also fitted castors to the bottom which make transporting the amp much easier.
There is minor damage to the VOX Valvetronix logo too.

I shall upload some photos soon, but the amp is at my practice room and not to hand at the moment.

Any questions, let me know. I'm keen to sell this as it's going to waste at the moment. You will be getting a lot of amp for your cash.

Oh and local pickup is preferred although I will be willing to meet somewhere around the West Midlands if needs be.

Quote by rainsley
I could well be interested. Do you have any photos?

Sure thing dude....

Amp models

Built-in effects

"Head" removed from cabinet

Shot of the back
(The original wires that connect to the speakers are still intact complete with spades. You can just about see them, the black and white wires.)

"THE" tube

Shot of the "cabinet"

As youmay be able to see, we're using it for recording at the moment so I couldn't get round the back to take photos of the speakers and installed jack socket. I should hopefully get those tomorrow night.

Like I said, the head can be reinstalled back into the amp with no problem. You can then either use the original black and white speaker wire to connect the head directly to the speakers, or you can use a patch lead to connect the head's "External Speaker Out" to the new jack socket at the back. That way you can interchange between different heads.

@rainsley - What kind of deal were you interested in?
Ok, I collected the Vox amp from my practice room and gave it a clean up but noticed there were a couple of small tears in the tolex. So I'll bring the price down by £10.

As a combo amp £130
As a cab (no head) - £50

Hear are a couple of photo's of the damage:

Rip on the top

Rip on the bottom

View of back to show added jack socket
(inquisitive kitten not included)

Just had a deal fall through on this so it's still up for sale.

As before, I'll do a deal for just the head (£60), just the cab(£50), or as a combo (£130)
Would you be willing to post if I paid the cost?
The Prime Factorisation of the number of the beast : 2x3x3x37
If I can find a box big enough at work then yeah that's cool.

PM me your address and I'll try and get a quote sorted for you tomorrow.

I presume you want the full combo?
The Prime Factorisation of the number of the beast : 2x3x3x37
J-B, I've pm'd you with a possible arrangement on Sunday.
Have a read and let me know your thoughts.
Bump, still waiting to hear back from J-B...
Anyone else interested in this? You'll be next in line...
Frumpety bump

Still for sale, offers over £130 will be accepted. Collection preferred but will deliver within reasonable distance for the price of the petrol.
Bump, this is still for sale.

£130 pickup from Wolverhampton
Will deliver personally, or meet up, within reasonable distance if petrol cost covered

Will trade for a 2x12 cab or a 1x12 cab + cash

Thanks for looking
Actually it won't let me enter any text on the PM page, probably because I'm on my mobile or something, email me if you see this before I've had chance to properly PM.

No problem, thought it might be! Not got a PM but thank you for letting me know.