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So, I'm living on my own at an apartment here in Tucson going to school full-time (12 credit hours so, minimal hours). I have a car but it's my parents and they're letting me keep it down here as long as I can pay for it. I've almost been down here a month (will be by the end of September) and I haven't found a job yet. I've been working my ass off trying to get one. Been putting resumes out everywhere, searching craigslist daily, making phone calls, almost everything I can think of and NO ONE has even called me back. Here's the kicker, my parents want the car back in a week if I can't find a job and I REALLY need this car to get to any jobs I might get and school.

I have one year at a music academy teaching guitar, one year self-employed teaching guitar, and a summer at The Home Depot as my job experience. Do any of you guys have any tips you can give that might help me land a job within a week? Also, if you live in Tucson or you know of any positions available in Tucson, and I know it's a long shot, but could you maybe PM me?

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.

EDIT: I should also add, if my car does get taken, it's not the total end of the world. My girlfriend is willing to let me use hers (but that's a HUGE blow to my ego...) and there's also a bus route.
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Try looking at retail jobs no matter what store and also if there are call centres there look for customer service advisor jobs they take on anyone in England so iguess its the same over there
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call centers, fast food, grocery stores, retail stores, all pretty easy jobs to get quickly...once you've landed one you can work on finding a better one or get some lesson clientelle built up.
Good luck. Im in a very similar boat. Sept the variables are different.

Best advice I can give? Connections. Know people! It helps. Shit, the economy is so rough right now. Its been hell finding a job for myself too, I know how you feel. The way ive been getting by? Procrastinating my parents. Its been working so far...but it will only last so long

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Thought I'd update you guys on this, I ended up finding a job a few days after this post with Qwest.

I help Qwest Office customers setup a website, and custom emails (so it's not sales :P). I love this job. It pays very well, has benefits, is in a great office with great people, and I'm pretty much working here full time.
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The big question is, how much do you need per month to keep the car?

Given your situation and skills, I would recommend going through your university/craigslist posting ads to teach guitar. You can set your price, times, and it would be convenient in that you don't need to go through formally getting an interview or competing with others for specific jobs.

Other small things I could recommend is seeing what odd-jobs you could get for pay through your college. I live in PA, but I know a few people who were paid minimum wage to sit in classes and record notes for handicapped students. This is especially nice if you are in class with a handicapped person, and taking notes for yourself. My brother did this for 2 people in two of his 4 hour classes 3 days a week. Doing the math that is 24 hours of work plus his real job.

In addition to that, just keep sending out your resume. And take what you can get. I work at Walmart and going to university myself. I've worked there for a year and make 9 dollars an hour. Its not a whole lot, but I work 80 hours a month and am making enough to survive with some assistance from my parents.

He found a job. And he was looking for a job in September. It is now December.
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