I'm going to get a new delay pedal and i need some help choosing. I currently have a horrible, Behringer DD100 (which i got free) and want something that actually sound nice! I've got up to £130 to spend and have been looking at:

Tech 21 D.L.A (delay with clean boost) £95
Akai Headrush - £130
Boss DD-7 £110 (i've played around with my friends DD-3, is this significantly different bearing in mind i don't have any stereo ability at the moment?)
MXR carbon copy - £110
Line 6 Echo park £115 [if im going for this should i just jump straight for the DL4?]

I'd ideally like a tap tempo option, not essential, but it would be nice considering how much these all are. However, i don't want ot compromise on something that has tap tempo if it doesn't sound so good. A looper would be handy too, but since i don't have one at the moment i'm perfectly happy to live without it.

Are there any other things i should look at?
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I had a DD7 a while back, sold it for a T-rex Replica that I sold for a DMM, but I kinda miss the DD7 right now, really liked it. Out of those you listed, I wouldn't go for the Carbon Copy, the others are pretty nice. I don't have any experience with the Headrush but I heard good things about it.
Test the Digitech Hardwire DL-8. I preferred that to the Line 6 Echo Park. It's a similar price depending where you purchase.
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I have the Echopark, it's pretty good. There are some decent presets. The digital, analogue and tape settings are also useful. Sound wise it's pretty good but i didn't try it side by side with any others. I need the tap tempo, it's a very worthwhile feature IMO.
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The DD7 out of that list. The Digitech DL8 is also good.
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I have the MXR carbon copy. Doesn't have many features, so it may not suit your needs. But honestly it sounds really good for what I use it for. I just use it during some leads to get a bigger sound when the song calls for it.
if you can find a used boss dd-20 i would go for that. just depends. they run about $220 new but i got mine for $120 used. i used to have the line 6 dl4, and while i loved it, it didn't have the ability to tap tempo a dotted eighth note (the edge type delay). dd-20 has some really cool features, plenty of different delay modes, and you can store your delays.