Me and my guitarist are looking for a way to extract drum tracks from songs or youtube covers so then we can use them as a guide when recording our tracks. We're looking for a drummer and want to lay down some covers so we can show them what were about, but timings in some songs are hard without the drums. Is there a possible way to do this?
Nope...unless you get the original tracks but you won'T so yeah...
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Seeing as songs are usually only one file, im pretty sure its impossible to just get the drums out of the song. Otherwise people would do the same for guitars, and make it easier to tab them/learn them.

The only way i can think of is creating the drum tracks yourself by looking up drum tabs and using them to arrange audio files of drum sounds, but that would take a while....
You'd need to have access to the raw tracks which havn't been merged into one.
This is impossible unless you know the band/producer or if the song is on guitar hero.
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youtube is a great source. I know there's an account that takes the songs from the newer guitar hero games and divides them up into backing tracks, drum only, bass only, vocal only, and guitar only. Just look up a backing track (enter songname from guitar hero here)

The guy's account is MasterTracks18 and he has a whole library of songs from guitar hero that he divided up.
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a few of the songs are on guitar hero and rockband.

2 of the particular ones i want to do are on rockband.

How would i go about doing this?