I have just finished writing this duet for trombone and guitar for a friend. I am assured that the trombone can be played very expressively by an accomplished player.

As it is I have recorded the guitar part myself at home and used the East West Gold Brass trombone sample.

I hope to have a proper live recording soon.

The PDF of the sheet music is here


I have made a Youtube video for this piece


Here is the description

This piece for trombone and guitar evokes one of the most beautiful parks in Liverpool and the home of the prehistoric and mysterious Calderstones. It is almost opposite John Lennon's childhood home on Menlove Avenue. He spent many happy hours in Calderstones Park. The school that he attended, Quarrybank, is now named "Calderstones High School". In 2000 Paul McCartney opened a Linda McCartney play area in the park, recognising the importance of the park as a former Beatles' haunt and valuable asset for the community of Allerton.
I like this tune. Nice arrangement, the melody is beautiful and the chords suit it well. At some points the guitar sounded a bit choppy, mostly dynamic/rhythmwise. You should remix this tune, 'cause the guitar should be louder in the mix. Also, the different kind of reverbs on the guitar and trombone sound a bit odd. All in all, a very nice song and arrangement. Good job!

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Thanks for the review - I will listen to yours later

You are right about the guitar. In the end the recording is the best of two takes, but three or four would have ironed out more deficiencies.

I wanted this to be a demo, but a fairly decent one, and I hope the performers I wrote it for will produce a more fluent performance -as I found it a challenge to play with a VST and sound fluent.