I left sixth form in June. I'm not going to uni and have no plans for my future. I obviously have a strong passion for music and that's what I want to do. However, my A Level results were crap. Like, really crap. Is there any chance I can get into somewhere that teaches music performance or something similar with my shocking grades? I'm in the UK and I'm 18 years old.
I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, how many ucas points did you get?
I got 195 including RGT grade 7, so pretty shit without. I'm reapplying this year and doing some stuff to get some more points like grade 8, and extended project.
I'm looking at doing a Music & Education combined degree, most are about 220 ucas points.
Can't you do the same?
I should add, i'm only in sixth form 3 hours a week and looking for a job so sure you could work something out like that. I also got like 12 gcses which were like A-B's but just got owned at alevel.
Basically, retakes. I understand your position as in AS Music i found it extremely difficult and just could not get the marks. Luckily in A level i got good enough marks to level out overall at a C (with AS retake-still not particularly good). I'm now going to Bath Spa to study Music, I definately think retaking the A level is the way to go but don't be too worried as that isnt the only thing that music courses look for, my friend got a D in music when she needed a B (to get in to Hull), but due to her previous music grades aswell as her audition some months beforehand she was accepted. You just have to show willingness (retakes, even though they will be a bitch due to having to learn a new set of songs)and competence (practical audition). Hope this helps
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If your GCSEs are good, do a BTEC in music. BTECs are considered as good as A levels, and any performances or exams aren't taken ever half a year but spread out so less pressure.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Thats about what i got mate, since i only did 2 alevels and got a E in an AS cos i did sciences.
You get about 55 for a merit at grade 7. Just look on the tarriff tables website on ucas.
I'm not doing resits this year because i don't see the point, i resat them all anyways and was just fighting a loosing battle.
I'm doing this AQA extended project grade which gets me 20-60 points,
ASDAN thing which is 50 points and grade 8 is about another 15-20 points if i pass so hopefully i should be okay. Failing that i'll just try clearing this year.

Im also dabling with the idea of doing grade 5 theory just for brownie points
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