Alright so I think I need some adivce. I'll make this short n sweet without tl;dr.

So when I first got back to college everything was all as it seemed, only with the new guys/gals/etc., etc. and I had my courses. Our department isn't really..lady friendly in the sense it deals with knowledge that would just fly past their heads. Well there's this one particular class that has one (count 'em, ONE) girl. The class was basicsally combining communications kids with our guys (telecommunications). I figured "why the hell not?" and on the break I got to talking to her. Needless to say I was sorta crushing on her. Got her number and her FB.


Not too long ago last week I was acquainted with someone who caught my eye immediately as I saw her face. Adorable, she was and now I can't stop thinking about her. She is a christian (which is a surprise to me) and goes to a church not too far off. I'll be honest, I'm a christian too, but I have no close-mindedness in regards to whether you have a religious affiliation or not. I can't stop hoping to see if I get to talk to her.

So now I'm stuck between a chick in one of my classes against another chick who I see elsewhere and I can't make up my mind. I have also prepared myself if I get zoned/blocked/etc., etc. and the only downside to first chick is it'll be her last semester and will move to another location. That being said I hope I make the right choice.

inb4 lolfag, get both of them, raep etc., etc.

Those with a conscience do the best of your ability, I have my fingers crossed and hoping for the best of this situation. This doesn't really seem like it could have potential to be a part of that relationship thread but if any one of the higher-ups feel it deserves to be assimilated to that thread, then fine by me.

I don't seek pity, or praise, but only advice. By the way, we are relatively the same age give or take.

That aside, wish me luck my fellow musicians, and I will take any and all suggestions/advice into consideraion (given they are within reasonable boundaries..)