its all in the wrist.
copy paul gilberts technique as closely as you can
dynamics and control > speed
Yeah, relax your picking hand and practice.

There's no magical way of increasing your picking speed.
One thing that will make it easier though is relaxing your hands. And I mean relaxing to the point where you can barely hold the pick. That's how relaxed you have to be.
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copy paul gilberts technique as closely as you can

While I do agree that PG has phenomenal picking technique I always warn against directly copying someone elses technique, just find your own way while adhering to the basic principles of good technique.

Anyway TS:

Nothing you can do will make you pick faster if that's what you're focusing on. Stop pushing yourself for speed and work on the things that make up speed: relaxation, co-ordination and, most of all for your picking hand, economy of motion. Unless you're making small, relaxed movements you'll never be able to really push your speed at all.
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use a metronome. it's pretty much the most important thing you can do to increase speed. start with a simple riff, or just a scale and practice it as eighth notes (2 notes per beat) at like 50bpm then when you get it absolutely perfect move up about 2bpm and so on, once you can do this at about 180bpm, move back down to 50bpm and start with sixteenth notes(4 notes per beat) . and if you are really adventurous you can go back down again for 32nd notes(8 notes per beat)...
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I take it you've read the sticky and done a few hundred thousand hours of practice?

posting this took less than 5 mins , getting some tips with the expense of >5mins and then start practicing for hours and hours will be more efficient than practicing for hours and hours without any tips.

and thx for the replies.
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I will personally guarantee that doing a hundred thousand hours of practice is probably a better idea than posting on UG.

Unless you're practicing bad habits.
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If only you could back that statement up.
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Honestly? 10,000 hours of practice that is about 50% effective still works out as a hell of a lot more effective practice than just about anyone on this forum does.

I'm not saying that you can't waste time practising, but unless you're doing something terribly wrong and playing through the pain, you're always better off practising than not practising.
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Unless you're practicing bad habits.

I don't know, a hundred thousand hours of practice could probably make even bad habits work out fine. I mean, that's practicing non stop for like eleven and a half years with no sleep. I would think if you could do that, you'd be a god.
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