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So having recently finished doing up my Ibanez 7 string (in sig) with a nice new natural finish and upgraded electronics, im starting my first cab build!

The cab is going to be constructed using marine grade 18mm ply, finger joints and lots of internal bracing. Basically bomb-proof with no regard for weight (im young, its cool...).

Dimensions are based on small vintage 2x12s, although with a deeper profile more akin to a modern cab.

Im open to speaker suggestions, currently im hovering over a pair of Vintage 30s.

A quick mock up in SketchUp (not to scale) to show the basics. Stay tuned, im having the wood cut tomorrow morning!


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18mm is quite thick. If you use that and do finger joints, I think the only place you will really need internal bracing is down the center of the baffle.

Certainly looks like you are planning this out well! What program did you use for you drawings?
Thanks for the input fellas. I havn't fully decided on the speaker config yet but im thinking something like two 60-100w drivers at 16 ohms each, wired in parallel for an 8 ohm mono end result.

That model was produced in Google's SketchUp 3D CAD program, pretty easy to use

Will update with pics when I get the wood tomorrow... anybody have any idea where to buy good quality tolex in the UK that won't cost an arm and a leg?
I'd go for 8 ohm speakers if you can. Most manufacturers just add a longer voice coil to their 8ohm units which means most of the coil is outside the magnet so you lose damping and efficiency. So long as your amp is happy with 4 or 16 ohms overall there will be no problems.

Finger joints need specialised machinery to do well and unless you have this i wouldn't bother they are really just a mass production technique.
Reinforced butt joints are stronger and add a little to the bracing of panels and are much easier for the home constructor.

Apart from that it looks good.
Thanks Phil, my amp is fine with 16 or 4 ohms so will look at 8 ohm speakers.

I can do good finger joints in my sleep, and nice dovetails when I have the time, so ill only go for butt joints if my time is pressed (trying to find a new job and move house...)

Stay tuned
Sounds like you know what you are doing, your probably a better chippie than me as I usually **** up anything more complicated than a mortice and tenon.

Putting a 1"x1" batten all along the joint gives the same glue area as a finger joint but you now have screws and glue. Srewing down the batten also cantilevers the panel a little and dampens panel resonances. The only reason manufacturers don't use it is because it is labour intensive. Finger joints are easy to machine and make glueing up easier.

Finger joints are neat and strong but slightly less good sonically though you probably won't hear much difference in practice.
Looks good! Yours looks pretty cool, be awesome if it turns out to be that good. I built a cab a while back too. It's a lot cheaper to build it. And you can make it just as you want it.
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Haha thanks guys, I intend to construct it as professionally as possible and have it look the part too.

Havn't had a chance to inspect or pick up the cut parts from the wood yard yet but the manager tells me its perfect and ready for collection.

So, this morning before work I ordered some more bits for this build:

2x Eminence Red Coat "The Governor" 75w 8 ohms

2x Pressed steel Marshall style bar handles

8x Fender corners

Up next, some tolex... my girlfriend said if I cover it in Orange style tolex its living in the garage... so im thinking maybe some nice Mesa style tolex?
How did you get those speakers in Sketchup!?
I'm planning on making a 2x12" cab soon as well. For fun. I may have made Sketchup Drawings. Can't remember if I did.

Sounds like it's gonna turn out good!
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How about white tolex, or oxblood?
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^ That works, too. Oxblood tolex + Salt'n'Pepper grill cloth. Smex with speakers.
I'd go for 5. That brown/snakeskin stuff is kinda tacky.
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number 3 or 4!
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this is awesome. and your "mock ups" are real cool too. hahaha

btw, 1 = marshall, 2 = line6, 3 = green, 4 = egnator, 5 = more green?

all but 3, 5 look awesome to me. but i like 1, 6.
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I kind of like the first one, but I think it would look good with white tolex, and black grill cloth. Thats how I like my cabs. Anyway, I think it will turn out great!
Epiphone Les Paul Custom AP (w/ 2 Seymour Duncans)
Jackson Dx10D Dinky (w/ DiMarzio PAF Bridge)
Epihpone Hummingbird

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (Voodoo Modified)
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Ok well I found an awesome deal on some black Fender grill cloth and red snake skin for the faceplate backing, so im going with this as a rough idea.

I don't think it will look tacky... well I hope not anyway. Gonna get get a nice brass faceplate made tomorrow for the bottom corner... still trying to find somewhere that'll do me a nice plastic professional quality name plate without wanting a run of at least 200 with pricing to match! I only want one

Thanks for all the input fellas. If it looks tacky ill change it for the Fender Tweed grill cloth and plain black tolex on the faceplate.

Now to go buy some more tolex for to cover it in!
Picked up my wood this morning and spent the afternoon in the work shop, got 80% of the cutting done

Tomorrows jobs: glue the frame, paint the baffle, affix speakers. Ill do the frame bracing on Saturday when the frame is dry.

Very nice dude. Personally, I'm a sucker for snake skin... But yeah. So long as you didn't end up going with the green I was gonna be happy
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I would cover it in 2-3oz leather personally >_>

Looking nice, man
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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I am looking at stuff other than the usual tolex, found some nice faux leather stuff on fleabay for a lot cheaper per metre than tolex. Probably end up just plinking for black Marshall style levant so it matches my other gear :-)

More updates tonight :-)
Leather will be more durable than faux leather Do you have a Tandy Leather Supply store where you live?

EDIT: Ah, never mind, he only one in the UK is in Northampton. But they're a killer leather place if you ever have any need for leather or leather working supplies.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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I'm planning my own 2x12 build and used SketchUp for the rough design too... great program for this kind of stuff.

I'm personally looking at doing what Orange does on some cabinets, using white tolex and whatever the hell the grill clothe pattern is called.

Don't mean to jack this thread, but what is this grill cloth called?
^ cheers

Updates. Drilled the holes and recesses for the T-nuts on the baffle board. Pinned and glued the main frame and added some bracing inside.

I also now have all the bits for this build Got my black tolex and red snake skin piece not sure where to use it yet.... Also picked up some white Marshall piping to give it a professional touch.

Sexy pics

more tomorrow
ive been waiting all day for this. job well done i like it. will you be adding a plate along the top of the front with your name on it like in the mockup?
that looks awesome, congrats


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