I'm thinking about getting one of these but have no way to try one before I would buy it. The neck on these are a "Fat Wide" neck. On the PRS website I can't find any demensions on it. I am currently playing a Yamaha EG 112 (practically the same as a Pacifica) and would like to know how the neck size compares. I have stupid small little girl hands. I have played a Japanese Telecaster copy that felt good too. I also found no mention of the fret size on the site. What might they compare with? I've only been playing for about 7 months.
Think about the thickest Gibson/Epiphone neck you've ever played. Now imagine it being thicker and harder to work with. Welcome to the PRS SE series.
It's like an Ibanez neck ate a Les Paul neck.

Different strokes for different foks.
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