I left one of my guitars (Epi LP Special 2) at my uncle's for a fortnight. It was in a bag. It must have been in a damn humid place since the strings were so rusty and so were some of the bolts when I got it back yesterday. I plugged it in my USB interface and I noticed that the signal wasn't as loud as usual. Do you think it's possible that the electronics might be badly damaged too? (I'm pretty sure it's the guitar. I've double-checked my set-up such as cables, input level, etc.)
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The strings should be changed. PUS work by having metal (strings) vibrating in the Pickups magnetic field. If your strings have corroded too much they may not be affecting the field as much.
Moving on.....
Yeah, the strings are pretty bad.

Thanks. I'll give a new pack of strings a try first. Hopefully that's the real problem.
Two bands I'm obsessed about : Coheed and Cambria.
I don't know how long a fortnight is but...

The contacts in the switches, volume knob and input jack have probably corroded as well reducing the amount of signal they allow to pass thru them.
^ two weeks ("fourteen nights")

but yeah, as KenG is saying, it's probably the strings more so than the electronics.
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