Hi there, im playing a song which is at a BPM of 210 beats per minute however I feel that this is a fast speed to be tapping my foot - is there anyway to play with a half-time feel so that I am in time but tapping my foot not so fast, would it work if i set my metronome to 105? Problem is im playing off-beats in this song, anyone help?

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Yea set it to 105 bpm and play 2 notes for every beat. So in stead of tapping to the beat of 210bpm like, "" really fast, your setting it at 105bpm and playing, "1.and.2.and.3.and.4.and...etc." playing in between each beat also.
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Sorry, I do not get what you mean

So say if I was playing on the off-beats at 105bpm halftime feel of 210, that means i'd be playing on the beats?
Sorry after reading it I realized I probably could have worded that better, and I hope I understand correctly what your asking. Ok so say you want to play 8th notes and 210bpm. You can set it to 105bpm but play 16th notes, and it's the same thing but a slower tempo on the metronome. Does that answer it? Or I'm I stupid and not answering it right?
Ok what I mean is, im playing off beats at 210BPM, two-notes each bar , you are probably explaining it right just i am very confused atm with how to count the half time feel, so basically when half the bar is done, a actual bar at 210 BPM has finished so for example lets say i have a chord change after 2 bars at 210BPM, at 105BPM I'll change chord every BAR opposed to doing it for 2 bars?
Just tap however the hell you want to, as long as it helps keep rhythm. There was this ~120 bpm thing I was learning and I was tapping to 240 at one part of the song because it helped me keep the rhythm better.
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