Behold the new Paul Reed Smith Mikael Akerfeldt SE!!!
HGND to me!!

also bought a Korg AX3000G

i'll let the pics to the talking

Happy NGD! Tried one of these at a local shop and it blew me away. The necks on those guitars are absolutely fantastic, I would love to grab one at some point, shame I have no money
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the korg is pretty decent.. wish i could've saved up for a pod xt live though.. damn expensive here in india... love the cleans on the korg.. distortion not too much which is a shame coz the effects on this thing are pretty cool
Awesome guitar, wasn't ever into the Opeth logo on a guitar that I'd be playing, but I'm sure it sounds and plays heavenly.
Only thing that makes me turn away is that bloomin logo!

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Word on the street is, you can wear off the logo if you try hard enough. But that guitar looks freakin' hot! I want one. xP

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I demand more pics sir!

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Nice guitar. Would get one myself but the Opeth sticker on it puts me off it
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nice, looks great, HNGD
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Nice guitar. Would get one myself but the Opeth sticker on it puts me off it

Beautiful guitar if you ignore the sticker