Wondering if anyone can help me with this, Is it possible to fade in/out across clips in audition?

I'm trying to get a really long fade in across a number of clips and, as far as I can see, you can only fade in on one clip, then you have to start the fade agian on the next clip.
Surely it cant be that the only way to acheive what I want is by having one giant clip in the first place and fading in across the whole of that, there must be a way!

I've been fiddling about for awhile now and can't figure it out so, any help is much appreciated!

I've not used audition, but from what I can gather from your post you want to fade in multiple track simultaneously, yes?
If you can put them all in some kind of group (they're done as folders in Reaper, I believe) you should be able to automate volume for the group, which would achieve what you're looking for.
pretty much. Yeah you can group clips together but It doesn't really point me in the right direction, still the same options and whatnot. Thanks though, I'll keep trying, I'm still abit of a recording noob so it could be right under my nose still.
figured it out for you, well at least this works...

when you click on the wave of the track to highlight it(dont go into the wave editor, just click the wave thats loaded into the track), at the beginning and the end of each wave is a small button(grey for me) in the upper corner and just drag that out for each track to program fades without editing the wave file etc.

that worked for me.

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Oh, yeah I know that. But imagine you have loads of clips lined up on one of them tracks, I want to fade in across all of them at once, not just one clip at a time. But I think I've figured out the only way I can do that is by grouping the tracks I want then bouncing them to a new track so its all just one clip. Which kinda makes things more difficuilt because I can't edit the clips as easily if I wanted to.