If you're not cranking it to obscene volumes, you should be ok if impedances match and whatnot. Just be aware that the head will do 300W and the cab will only handle 200W, which means that the head is most likely capable of blowing the speakers if cranked too high

EDIT: You also linked the head twice
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You'll be fine. As the cab has an impedence of 8 ohms, you'll only be pushing roughly 180 watts into it. Add another 8 ohm cab and you'll get the full 307 watts. Think of it in terms of fractions- 1/4 = 1/8+1/8, so you can use two 8 ohm cabs with a 4 ohm head. Using one 4 ohm cab draws between a half and two thirds of the overall wattage.
You'd be better off with the Ashdown cab you posted. It's a 4 ohm cab so you'll be getting your full 307 watts, not to mention it looks like it's around 100 pounds cheaper than the Ampeg and the B series is really nothing to write home about.
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